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The reason for the password protection is to protect the privacy and safety of our community.  On one hand, we want a place for open discussion.  But on the other hand, we don't want it open to outsiders. 

You can get the current password from the security guard at the Gate House, and please share it only with Owners. 

You can use your own name, or a pen name, if you feel more comfortable.  Please avoid ad hominem arguments, and basically be kind, focusing on the issues, not the people..


Also in this Password Protected Area

These proposed by-law changes have long been needed for true American democratic process at Harbour Square. 

It's high time to bring Harbour Square up to date, and for us to live by the principles America is said to stand for world-wide.

by Board Candidate
and Owners Rights Advocate
Jann Couch


1.    The Value of an Informed Community

2.    The Value of Democracy

3.    Preserving Checks and Balances

How to Attend Public Board Meetings

Need to Resign the Petition to Amend the ByLaws

Revised ByLaw Amendments - One by One

Other Community Concerns

Other Public Meetings

Distinguished Owners Have Included