March 17, 2004



To all signers of the original petition and other interested owners:


I missed the meeting last night, but I understand that the Office Manager will be calling signers of the second petition to see if they knew what they were signing and if they now want to remove their name from the petition in order to void the petition.  The board tried several times in August (via letters from the president) to get petitioners then to agree to drop their petition to have a special meeting requesting real budget numbers for the renovation.  The legal opinion then is the same as now, a petition with thirty or more signatures is a valid petition and cannot be revoked. 


Since the board is insisting on taking this eleventh hour tactic, I think it is more professional to re-confirm your signature in writing and refuse to discuss your decision over the phone.


If you were not a signer of the second petition and you wish to add your name to the list of petitioners who wish to have these revised proposed by-law revisions voted on one-by-one at the annual meeting, please ask management for a copy of the revised by-laws, read it, and ask to have  the date stamped copy made for your records.  Please stop by the management office as soon as possible.






To the Harbour Square Board of Directors:


I have read the petition and the accompanying by-law revisions submitted to the board by petition on March 1, 2004 and wish to have my name added/kept on the list of petitioners so that these proposed by-law revisions may be voted on by the membership one-by-one (as specified in the sample ballot) at the March 24, 2004 annual meeting.  As a courtesy to the original petitioners, please provide a copy of this request marked to the attention of Jann Couch-N714.  



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