This explains in plain language (A) why the Harbour Square community needs comprehensive, integrated amendments to the By-Laws, and (B) what each proposed By-Law improvement would accomplish.


1.    The Value of an Informed Community

To make sure that our investment is protected and that our lives can be lived with peace of mind, free from anxiety, Harbour Square owners need and deserve to be notified early, accurately and fully about board and management policies and actions.  Owners must have ready access to board members voting records and to corporation books and records -- and must have the opportunity to communicate freely with one another on corporation matters.  The proposed newly formatted By-Laws 6, 13A, 23, 25A and 35 ensure that owners will be informed about financial, safety and other matters that directly affect their lives.

2.    The Value of Democracy

To protect our interests, owners need and deserve as many opportunities as possible to both obtain and offer information, and to make suggestions to management and the board.   Communication must flow in all directions.  We are all much better off when all of us -- board, management and owners - make informed decisions.  To ensure wise decision-making, everyone's freedom of speech and assembly must be fully respected and protected.  The proposed newly formatted By-Laws 4, 13B, 14, 20A, 29 and 63 ensure that traditional American democratic processes, including the right of appeal and freedom of speech and assembly, will be respected and protected.

3.    The Value of Preserving Checks and Balances

To make sure that our community survives and thrives, we must gain the right to prevent unwise, imprudent large expenditures that would jeopardize our community's present and future well-being.  Owners must respect and protect the freedom of our elected board of directors to govern effectively, but owners must also protect themselves from misguided board policy, and from conflict of interest.  The proposed newly formatted By-Laws 7, 21, 33 and 63 ensure that we will have a system of carefully crafted checks and balances that will open the way to a bright future for Harbour Square, shared by all.