Harbour Square Press Corps

HarbourSquareOwners.Org depends on news and views from all the members of the Harbour Square Cooperative.  Any owner can be a member of the Harbour Square Press Corps, and submit ideas and articles to the web site.

At public meetings, it is helpful to wear a sticker or badge, indicating that you are a member of the Press.  You will be free to record the proceedings in writing, recording, digitally, or otherwise.

To sign up, please email your request to the Press@HarbourSquareOwners.org or send to Box 32N Harbour Square

You may print this page, and cut out the following badge.





As a member of the Harbour Square Press Corps, you will be entitled to record any events at public meetings.

The First Amendment of the United States Constitution over-rides any House Rules.

This badge also lets people know that what they say or do in public may be reported in the press, web site, or bulletin board..

Public Board Meetings in the Club Room

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