Board of Directors Elections


Results of the vote for the proposed
integrated by-law amendments

Yes  61

No  173

Election of Directors

The first mail in ballot was successful with 275 ballots
received, far more than previous years.


Paul Barnette
Jann Couch
Christine Godson
Diana Hoxie
Vivian Perry
Marilyn Scarbrough
George Schnitzer

181 votes
117 votes
161 votes
  77 votes
165 votes
  90 votes
177 votes

Last day to submit ballots -
March 22, 2004

Existing Board

Candidates for the Board

Lawrence R. Rebel

Paul Barnette *

Christine Godson *

Catherine Sheppard

Julia Sayles

Linda Chandlee

Elsa Bishop

Vivian Perry *

George Schnitzert

* = running for re-election


Jann Couch -

Marilyn Scarbrough -

George C. Schnitzer



(If we forgot anyone, please let the Webmaster know.)